About Us

Who we are

Fx and Shares, an Australian information and educational site for market analysis, is formed by a group of traders who have been trading different markets and instruments for about 3 decades. Many lessons have been learnt and many more have been taught through our group member’s individual seminars, classes and webinars.

As of May 2017, we decided to combine all our experience for market analysis and invite our existing 2300 members along with new traders to enjoy the benefits.

FX and Shares is all about information, matched with historical data, technical analysis and strategy the combination of which leads to a successful, more informed and educated decision making in taking trades in markets. We do the research, combine our ideologies and present them to our members. Although nothing in this industry should ever be taken for granted and trader’s discretion is always required for entering trades, we believe that given the opportunity and right information in the long term can be beneficial. In our group of admins, we have many talented affiliates who are bi-linguists and write post in different language as well as English.

FX and Shares takes utmost care in selecting its partners, recommended brokers and other affiliates who provide support and services to our members. We have teamed up with some of the best and most reliable brokers internationally to bring about a social media for traders.

Fxandshares.com will also be your tunnel to connect through to some new emerging markets with the help of our local affiliates. Apart from the main stream markets, India, Iran and the Middle East will be some areas of focus with some daily insights into each one of them. This brings about a unique opportunity for investors who have had no previous exposure to these markets.